Teeth Whitening in Carrum Downs

Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth all yellow and dark? This might be time to schedule a teeth-whitening visit with your dentist. This is crucial if routine dental care procedures, such as brushing twice a day, are not yielding the desired results.

Professional teeth whitening is risk-free, efficient, and done under a dentist's guidance. Most of the time, paying more to see a dentist is worthwhile if it means getting long-lasting, secure results.

At Carrum Downs Dental Group, we provide professional teeth whitening services. These include Take-Home teeth whitening and In-Chair teeth whitening. Here are some of the benefits of each method:

Zoom Teeth Whitening
  • The results will last longer
  • You can achieve up to 8 shades of brightness in just 90 minutes
  • Great if your schedule is busy
  • Use the latest dentistry equipment
Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Pocket friendly
  • Custom trays use custom-made for you
  • User friendly
  • Best for patients with sensitive teeth
  • We will offer free support and progress review throughout the treatment
  • You can always top later if you are not satisfied with the results

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Your teeth could discolour for several reasons, but the main ones are;


Luckily, our team of professional dentists at Carrum Downs Dental Group will conduct any of the two whitening procedures and restore your caramel white teeth.


Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom whitening is a type of laser therapy that has grown in popularity due to its ability to deliver long-lasting benefits in the shortest time.

It is a method that dentists employ to whiten teeth using cutting-edge therapy. The method combines a unique lamp known as a Zoom light with a whitening cream that contains hydrogen peroxide.

It works better than other tooth whitening solutions that may take weeks or even months to provide noticeable results and lessens the stains or discolouration of tooth enamel. Additionally, Zoom whitening requires much less dedication and gives you a brilliant smile in just 90 minutes.

How does it work

Zoom Whitening is similar to a chemical bath that has no impact on the physical makeup of your teeth. It is a low-risk teeth whitening procedure.

The dentist begins by protecting your lips and gums from bleaching during the procedure. A hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel will then be administered three to four times at intervals of 15 minutes.

The peroxide decomposes when it comes into contact with the intense light that the lamp emits. After then, it breaks down a thin layer of the enamel's top layer and allows oxygen to enter the teeth. The oxygen then aids in flushing out and eliminating any tooth discolouration that has occurred.

Depending on how severe the staining is, the whitening process only takes an hour or less.

Please be aware that while you may experience some temporary tooth sensitivity following the procedure, this shouldn't last more than 24 hours. Additionally, until the Zoom teeth whitening procedure is finished, we advise you to abstain from several foods and beverages for up to 72 hours.

To decrease sensitivity after the whitening is finished, a separate gel is placed on your teeth. Your dentist will give you a touch-up kit and instructions on what foods and liquids you can eat and drink before you leave.

What to Expect During the Procedure?

Zoom whitening is a simple process that will take less than an hour. You will be comfortable with the entire process, and no pain is involved. The first thing that our dentist will do during the procedure evaluates the condition of your teeth to ascertain if you are a good candidate.

Once that is done, your lips and gums will be covered by protective gear to prevent them from coming in contact with the whitening gel.

A special gel containing whitening peroxide will then be applied to your teeth. This process will be repeated at least 3 to 4 times to achieve optimal results.

The dentist will then apply some fluoride to your teeth once the process is done. This will help in reducing sensitivity. In addition, you will be given some custom-made trays and some whitening gel that you can use at home.

Contact Carrum Downs Dental Group for Zoom Whitening

Once you've made up your mind that zoom whitening is the way to go, contact us at Carrum Downs Dental Group. We offer affordable services and never sacrifice quality. The results will also be long-lasting. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Bottom Line

Teeth Whitening may be necessary if your teeth are discoloured and do not respond to regular oral hygiene such as brushing. While you can use over-the-counter kits for whitening, we recommend getting professional whitening services for safer, long-lasting, and effective results. Get in touch with us at Carrum Downs Dental Group to book your appointment!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In a nutshell, NO! To ensure optimal results, take-home teeth whitening uses customised whitening kits. The Take-Home Whitening option also comes with gel and usage instructions. This indicates that the information given to you is based on your ultimate objective.

On the other hand, over-the-counter kits for whitening teeth can be harmful. First of all, your gum's condition wasn't taken into account. You might even sustain harm. Second, unlike many over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions, the gel might not be dentist-recommended.

Teeth whitening results are temporary and may need a retouch after three years. Nevertheless, lifestyle habits can speed up the process. People who consume foods and drinks that cause stains, such as wine, citrus, soda, and tea, among others, should anticipate that the whiteness may fade more quickly.

The following are some potential side effects of tooth whitening:

  • Discomfort for those with sensitive teeth
  • Increased sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Tingling sensations
  • Your teeth may develop an infection.
  • irritation

These effects are only temporary and lost for about 24-48 hours. However, should they last longer than that and become more severe, do consult your dentists.

The price of professional teeth whitening might vary; bleaching trays can cost as little as $399, and in-chair whitening treatments can cost as much as $499. However, the best course of action for a particular price is to consult your dentist and acquire a price estimate from them. Costs for professional teeth whitening treatments vary depending on the dental location, your dentist, and the shade you want to achieve.

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