Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Tooth and Other Surgical Extractions

“Talk to us before you go to a Surgeon for a surgical extraction”

Carrum Downs Dental Group’sgeneral dentists are specialised in Wisdom tooth, Impactedand Surgical extractions.We can remove your wisdom teeth in a caring way to relieve you of the pain and aches.

We only recommend the removal of wisdom teeth if they are impacted or infected. The extraction is straightforward if the Wisdom tooth is straight and is not impacted and the costs for this will be from 200$.

A minor surgery (including sectioning the bones) will be required for Impacted and horizontally growing tooth. The cost for this extraction starts from 300$ and depends on the Impaction.

In a very few circumstances, it may be too difficult to remove the tooth at our practice and in these cases we may refer patients to a specialist oral surgeon who is skilled in dealing with most complex cases. You can email us your OPG/X-Ray and we can advise you if we can remove it and canalso provide you with the approximatecost

Symptoms requiring Wisdom tooth extraction.

  • The Wisdom teeth dint fully erupt and is causing Impaction or overcrowding.
  • Chronic pain in your gums around the wisdom tooth. The pain is caused because of food and bacteria getting trapped in between impacted teeth.

  • Wisdom teeth did not come out straight and cause your teeth to shift and move over time.

  • Wisdom teeth causing decay of the adjacent tooth. Due to the location of the Wisdom tooth

What happens during your Wisdom tooth extraction?

Prior to the surgery your dentist will discuss with you the procedure and will let you know what to expect during and after the procedure. A local anaesthetic will be given to numb the area around the wisdom tooth so you do not feel any pain. To remove the wisdom tooth, your dentist will remove the gum tissue or bone over your tooth. The wisdom tooth is either extracted or cut in to small pieces to make way for easier removal. Stitches may be required after the extraction. The dentist will advise if all of the wisdom teeth can be removed in a single or multiple sitting.

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