We offer the best solutions for Dentures.

Carrum Downs Dental Group on Frankston-Dandenong Rd Offers a wide range of dentures to satisfy each individual patient’s specific denture needs. We work with you to determine your exact requirements and what is required to meet them. We at Carrum Downs Dental Group take pride in the quality of our Dentures.

Dentures can help restore your way of life by helping you with day-to-day functions, such as eating and speaking, as well as help restore your confidence by improving your appearance and smile.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are replacement teeth that are removable. With the technological advancements there are several types of Dentures available to suit individual patient’s needs on comfort, convenience and look. Your Dentist will help you choose the best solution for you.

  • Full dentures– If all the teeth are missing, this is a cost-effective way to replace all the teeth.
  • Partial dentures– Usually made out of acrylic or a metal framework to replace one or more teeth.

Denture Carrum Downs

Advantages of Dentures.

  • Improved ability to bite and chew
  • Gives your face a fuller appearance

  • Can be removed for proper cleaning and brushing

  • Reduced speeches problems caused by gaps and missing teeth

  • Protects remaining teeth (if any) from excess wear

Denture procedure at Carrum Downs Dental Group:

The exact denture procedure needed will vary with the type of denture needed. However the procedure will usually revolve around the following. You have an Initial Consultation with your dentist to assess your mouth for treatment planning.

  • Preliminary impression of your teeth and gums are taken using a high quality impression material.
  • Accurate impression trays specially made for your mouth are fabricated at the lab. On subsequent visits, more impressions with finer details will be taken. This gives our dentist an exact copy of your mouth that we can build your new dentures from.

  • With help from your dentist you can decide which tooth shapes, sizes and colours fit your mouth and look right for you. Your ‘bite’ is also recorded by the dentist. In the case of complete dentures the dentist records where the bite of the new dentures needs to be. Our dentist works with you to get this accurately.

  • A trial denture is made up to check for accuracy of fit and appearance. The trial denture will use the same colour and shape of teeth that will be on the final denture. Any changes are easily made at this stage. If changes are needed, new trial dentures are made up and checked with a ‘re-try’ visit.

  • Once you and dentist are happy with the trial denture, the final denture is made at the lab.

  • At least one review appointment is required to check how you and your mouth are adjusting to the denture. Some final adjustments to the denture may be needed.

At Carrum Downs Dental we use Australian owned and licensed dental labs in Melbourne. The dental lab technician creates your dentures in the lab. She works closely with our dentist to gain the desired result. Using a local dental lab allows us to provide you with your dentures in a timely manner.

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