Root Canal

Root Canal –Your Teeth has Nerves!

Teeth are tough outside due to the strong enamel but on inside they are pulp cavity with a root canal that has nerves. Root Canal treatment is performed on infected or inflamed tooth most likely due to untreated cavity.

In Carrum Downs Dental Group on Frankston-Dandenong Road, we perform Root Canal treatment to save the tooth by removing the infection and the associated pain. The dentist as part of the treatment will remove the infected tooth pulp, nerves causing the pain and will seal the pulp with a material to prevent any further infection.

After the root canal procedure is complete the dentist will restore the tooth with a crown to protect the tooth from breaking in future.

Root Canal Carrum Downs
When do you need a root canal treatment at Carrum Downs Dental?
  • Pain due to hot/cold food that stays after consumption
  • Constant pain

  • Radiating pain, which can radiate to neck and shoulders

  • Swelling

  • Injury or trauma due to an accident

  • Large untreated decay on the tooth

Why should you go for root canal treatment?

The cheaper option to relieve oneself of pain is to extract the infected tooth but the natural tooth provides much functionality that cannot be fully replaced with artificial tooth. Therefore if possible the tooth needs to be saved by performing root canal.

What is the treatment procedure?

The root canal treatment at Carrum Downs Dental is performed under 3 appointments.

Appointment 1: Under local anaesthesia, the tooth pulp, infection and nerves are removed through a small access hole made on top of the tooth. The tooth is washed with antibacterial solution to prevent further infections; an antibiotic/painkiller is placed into the tooth and filled with a temporary filling to cover the access. Dentist may prescribe some painkillers to keep you pain free for the next day or two.

Appointment 2:The dentist on the second appointment will open the access again to ensure the infections are completely removed. Endodontic files will be used to even the internal surface. This stage may repeat until the dentist is satisfied that the tooth is bacteria free.

Appointment 3: The infection-free root canal is then sealed with long-lasting barrier materials (the root filling). The tooth then undergoes restoration and the biting surfaces need protection – an artificial biting surface for the tooth is fashioned out of regular filling material. In many cases, where there is considerable loss of the tooth structure, there may be a need for an artificial crown made from porcelain or gold alloy or other materials.

What happens after the treatment is complete?
  • The vast majority of people who undergo root canal treatment can expect a functional tooth after the treatment.
  • The treated tooth should last as long as you’re other teeth, provided the tooth is kept clean and that you maintain excellent oral hygiene.

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