Dental Implants

  • Complete Dental Implants with Crown normally 4500$ for a limited time only 3500$.
  • We use high quality State-Of-The-Art Implant kit from MIS Australia.

  • 15 Years+ experience in performing dental Implants.

  • Flexible Payment plans available.

Dental Implants with Crown have quickly become a very effective way for patients to deal with tooth loss. The dental Implants along with restoring the functionality of the tooth also increase an individual’s confidence to lead a normal life.

Carrum Downs Dental Group’s Dental Implants are made from Titanium, a very strong material that is also compatible with human body. A crown placed on top of it will make it appear and function as a normal tooth and provides up to 90% chewing capacity.

Choose Carrum Downs Dental on Dandenong-Frankston Road for all your Dental Implant requirements.

Benefits of Dental Implant

  • Dental Implants are the best alternative for missing teeth, because they offer permanent solution.
  • Dental Implants are very much like your natural teeth. They look and feel just like your real teeth.

  • Chew better and Smile better.

  • Fell the confidence in your rise again to the top.

How does the Dental Implant procedure work in Carrum Downs DentalGroup in Dandenong-Frankston Rd.

Dental Implant procedure follows the below steps

  • Insertion of the Implant
  • Allowing the gum to heal (Approx. 3 months for the bone to bond to Implant)

  • Exposure of the Implant site

  • Taking Impression for Crown preparation with Colour matching.

  • Insertion of Crown and Bridge or Over-denture.

Carrum Downs Dental Group on Dandenong-Frankston Rd offers staged payments at the start of each of the above steps. Please call our clinic on 03-9782 1200 to book an appointment for your Implant today.